Sunday, October 5, 2014 Photo on Canvas Review

The kind folks at asked me to review an item in exchange for my honest opinion.

When I was asked to review an item for I browsed their prints on canvas and was impressed.  I also noticed they have Photos on canvas and with baby M due I thought it would be a great idea since I have a nice photo of my first to get a Photo on Canvas of her too!  I was thrilled about this so right after I had her baby pictures completed I went ahead with my order. has an interesting founding story that you can read more on their website.

I will tell just a little about the day Baby M was getting her pictures taken!  I had hired a friend just like with my toddler to take pictures only this time was very last minute and it was a week later than I had originally planned.

Baby M was two weeks old and up until that day had been sleeping very good during the day.  She had other plans!  I had to sit there and breastfeed her a good hour before she would fall asleep so we could take her picture.  This is quite funny because Toddler A did the same thing!  I had planned on them wearing matching outfits for a few pictures and they turned out great!  I am glad that the WAHM I knew could do pictures on such a last minute. (Thanks Lynnesaye)

Here are a few that she captured:

As soon as my CD was ready I couldn't wait to order my picture!

My review:
I was very impressed with the ease of ordering on  There is basically only a three step process to ordering.  Simply upload your photo, Select the size you want, then choose a finish.  A confirmation email was sent when my order was processed and shipping information was emailed out about 7 days later as well so I knew when to expect my package.  I was surprised it did not take long at all for this custom picture on canvas to be framed by hand and mailed out.

When I received my picture in the mail it was very carefully wrapped in cardboard as to not damage the precious picture inside.  The quality was amazing and no detail was left out in the framing and it was even signed by the framer (how often does that happen).

 I ordered the 11.75 x 8.5 inches Framed Canvas Transfer Flat Front Petite Black.  It was just what it described on the website.  The frame is a very good quality and the backing is solid with mounts to attach at either end.

I had my husband move our pictures around to put our wedding invitation and engagement pictures in the middle and both children on either side.  Baby M is pictured on the left.  I love this new arrangement on the wall in our living room!

The cost of the Picture on Canvas that I ordered was about $43.00 including shipping and this would be the only drawback for me.  If I was to purchase something like this I would not be able to as it is not in our budget.  However, always seems to have sales going on so that makes it more possible for the average family to get their hands on something this awesome!

Here is a photo of the framed product but I can't do it justice on the detail but you get the idea.

Overall, I am very impressed with the ease of ordering, quality and finished product of my Picture on Canvas of my sweet baby M and I will cherish it forever!  I would recommend for any of your picture needs.

For Custom Framed Photos just like the one I received you can go to their site here.  To see their other awesome prints you can go to their main page and search from there!

You can connect with on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I did receive a product in exchange for my honest opinion.

Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Creams: Comparison

I'm the type who likes to try every option before deciding what I like best.  In this case, I'm talking about diaper rash creams.  Below are ones I have tried and I'm writing this to do a little comparison of brands to help you decide what is best for your needs!

Grandma El's
This one is great for creating a barrier.  We had a little bit of a nasty diaper rash a while back either from using hotel washers or eating banana and this was my go-to cream.  It's similar in consistency to petrolatum jelly without the harmful effects.  It allows your skin breathe and doesn't act as a film of plastic over it!  It's available in a tub or tube.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm
I LOVE how this balm is scented!  With an olive oil base, it definitely has a thinner consistency than others and almost seems to absorb when applied.  We didn't really have a rash to speak of when we used this, so I can't say how great it is for clearing a rash.  I think it is perfect for keeping the tush moisturized and it's packed with healing and organic ingredients.  It's available in a tub.

I have only tried CJ's in the tea tree and lavender scent and it's one of my top contenders for sure.  It has a perfect creamy consistency that doesn't seem to disappear on contact and keeps everything nice and supple!  It's available in a stick and a tub.

Eco Sprout Bottom Balm
I had a sample size tin and I enjoyed the scent (from a blend of essential oils), but the texture was a little lumpy.  I'm not sure if it is normally that way, or it became too hot and re-solidified.  It was a sort of a pain having to take the extra time to rub in all of the little balls (I'm guessing the beeswax?).  It's also available in a stick.

Bee Green Naturals Cocobum
This one is creamy and fluffy- almost whipped.  It has a coconut oil base, so if you like using plain coconut oil, but need something better- try this.  I had the Natural Vanilla Mint scent, but it's available in many more scents.

Grovia Magic Stick
I have a sample size chapstick tube version of this stick.  I prefer to keep it in the diaper bag so I don't have to get my fingers dirty when I'm out and about.  It provides a thin protective film.

*Something to note on almost all natural diaper rash creams:  the consistency could change depending on the weather.  When it's cooler they tend to be more firm, and vice versa.

What is your favorite go to diaper cream?  Would love to hear if you have found one that you love!

*All products mentioned were purchased by me and this is my very own opinion and I was not compensated for this post.

-Ginger :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our Nursing Journey and Bravado Nursing Bras

As I talked about in my post about Baby M's birth story we had a rocky beginning as far as nursing goes because she swallowed fluid when coming out from the c-section.  You can read our story here in case you missed it!

When we did get to nurse it seemed so easy but I did have a lactation nurse right there to make sure her latch was good.  I learned from the first time two years ago how important the latch was.  The first week of Toddler A's life I had to pump and use shields because of how broken and bleeding my nips were!

A few things that I feel helped this time were I drank Organic Milk Maid Tea from Earth Mama Baby Angel each day in the hospital I drank only two bags and my milk came in the second day!  I also was sure to get hot oatmeal with a banana each morning in the hospital. As well as, my sister had given me some nursing cream to apply that was lanolin free and I feel that it worked great for me so I passed it on to another friend who was getting ready to give birth!

Once Baby M was in my room and we were able to nurse freely I did have another lactation nurse check our latch again before leaving the hospital (last time I had to return after discharge for help).  She was latching great and we are going strong!  She has gained weight pretty fast she is a little chunk now and our newborn diapers only lasted a month.  So I would say mama's milk came in just fine!

Bravado sent me two bras and a nursing tank to try out and I wanted to share my experience with you and I have given my honest opinion.

The first one was THE BODY SILK SEAMLESS NURSING BRA in the color Jungle Berry.  While this selection was a few months ago (before I was lactating) so they have new vibrant colors now!

What I like about this style:

-Easy to snap down and back with one hand.  Great when you are holding your little one in the other :)!

-Love the color

-Comfortable to wear all day and all night (I sleep in a nursing bra and pads to prevent leaking)

-The bra has removable foam pads to prevent from seeing the cloth pads I wear!

-A proprietary Bra Conversion Kit (BCK) is included so you can convert your nursing bra to a regular bra when you are finished nursing to get the most for your money!

Things I found out after having Baby M:

-My boobs grew (A LOT)

-The bra made my boobs squish together like a uni-boob...for bigger chested women such as myself I would probably need a bigger size.  I had an XL and this is the biggest option.

Other than that I love the bra the feel and ease of using it!

The other style I received was The Confetti Nursing Bra.

What I like about this style:

-Easy to snap down and back up with one hand.

-Cute style with a little ribbon in the center with lace v-neck

-Wire free so easy to wear all day and night

What I did not care so much for was once again, my boobs grew much larger after my milk coming in.  With this style being an XL I also had a uni-boob.  So for me this works best at night because if I am up all day cleaning etc. I can't stand them feeling like that!

Lastly, I received The Essential Nursing Tank

What I like about the tank is that you can just slip it on under other shirts and while in public you can simply lift up one shirt and no one see's your stomach!

The clip is different on this one so it is a circle and fits under the hole.  It took me a few times to remember how to snap back especially when trying to get everything back in!

I find that this was comfortable while I was pregnant and after while nursing.  It it long enough to feel more covered especially the first few weeks after giving birth.

The only drawback for me is that I have rather large hips so it does tend to sneak up.  I am not sure how this would be fixed since it is a stretchy material but overall I do love the features of it!

You can see my review of The Bravado Essentials Embrace Nursing Bra here.

I love that Medela and Bravado have teamed up because I do have two Medela bra's from my first born that I really like to wear still.  I also like that there is a video teaching you how to correctly measure to find the size you need, because that is so important!

Connect with Bravado on their website, Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you for reading and I would love hearing from you!  How long did you breastfeed or plan to?  I did 15 months with my toddler and plan to do around the same or as long as Baby M would like to!  Also, what do you look for in a good nursing bra?

*All pictures are from Bravado's website...I did not feel you would want to see my bosoms :) I also didn't want to show them!

All opinions are truly my own!