Friday, July 24, 2015

Organic Beauty Junkie {Review}

Maryann, the owner of Organic Beauty Junkie reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying her all natural deodorant.  I informed her that I'm a bit of a natural deodorant connoisseur, and that I've tried several that haven't cut it.  I was apprehensive, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try- read on to see my thoughts!

First, a little about Maryann: she loved playing with makeup and painting her nails as a child (what girl doesn't?!).  As she grew older, she realized that mainstream products are filled with harmful chemicals.  She became passionate about creating natural products for friends and family.  Something you might not know about Maryann is that she was born with a physical disability.  This has made finding employment difficult.  She hopes to be able to employ others with disabilities one day, and I think that's a great idea!

The deodorant is available in various scents including: Bergamot, Orange, Orange Vanilla, Lavender Vanilla, Tea Tree and Unscented.   It comes packed in a cute canning jar (if you're a sucker for things with charm, you'll love this aspect too!).  I appreciate that you can purchase samples of the deodorant before buying a full size.

Ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, virgin organic coconut oil, aluminum free baking soda, organic essential oils.

I tested the Lavender Vanilla deodorant for two weeks to try it in different scenarios.  The scent is great; If you enjoy both lavender and vanilla, this is perfect for you!  I noticed it is a little crumbly straight out of the jar.  To help with a smooth application, I scooped it out and rubbed it between my fingers to warm it up.  It took a bit of time for the deodorant to be absorbed into the skin, but once that happened I was good to go.  I'm happy to report that it kept me stink free for the whole day!  Please note it does contain baking soda, so if you're prone to irritation you might choose to try a sample first.  I didn't experience any redness or irritation though!

Check out all of the products Organic Beauty Junkie offers on Etsy!  And be sure to connect on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest!

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Maryann has generously offered free shipping on orders over $20!  This deal is only valid for 24 hours!  Use code "FKIL6IRRV8JG" to make a purchase on

I was sent this product in exchange for my opinion.  All thoughts are my own!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rivertree Life Aluminum Inhaler Review

I received a product in exchange of my own personal opinion.

I was first introduced to the Rivertree Life company when an essential oil safety page I follow (Lea Harris) introduced one of their products.  I just happened to share the wooden storage box on my personal facebook page and a very special friend got it for me for my birthday the next month!  (Yay!)

Rivertree Life features products to store and use essential oils, diy lip balms and much more.  They have various products but specialize in making them functional and beautiful!  

I was thrilled to learn more and start using more of their products when they sent me this set of personal inhalers.  I just started using essential oils a year ago so I am not the most well versed in that area.  Inhaling oil seemed kinda strange to me at first until I found out it can be one of the most effective ways to use them.  

The aluminum inhalers are great to take a long in your purse especially when you get a headache for instance.  I put peppermint on mine and use it for such a case!  They are very easy to fill.  Simply disassemble, put a few drops on your cotton wick and close back up.  You can refill them with the same oil or buy new wicks to change out for the oil of your choice.  

More information on how to use the personal inhaler can be found on the Rivertree Life website here

Another reason to support Rivertree Life is that they are a christian based company.  I will gladly shop with them anytime!  You can read more about the company and how they got started here.  

Overall, I am glad to keep my inhaler in my purse for on the go.  It is not only very pretty but does the job I need it to do!

You can connect with Rivertree Life on their website and Facebook.

What are your favorite oils to use in the diffuser or inhaler?  I would love to know!


Monday, July 13, 2015

J.R. Liggett's Natural Bar Shampoo Review

I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion.

I have been trying to buy or make my own natural bath and body products for a while now, but seem to have trouble finding a natural way to wash my hair.  My sister gave me a shampoo bar for my birthday last year.  Ever since then I have not looked into getting another container of shampoo, but rather I prefer washing with a simple bar!

When I ran out of the one she had given me I went to a local co-op and purchased the one from J.R.Liggett.  I loved it so much that I wrote to them and they sent me more to review!  Before trying shampoo bars I was really skeptical; the idea of a bar on my hair seemed weird.

I was sent the Shaving Foam, and a set of two Original Bars with a Wooden Shelf.
The Shaving Foam has a foams well, but I rarely shave my legs so I ended up letting my husband try it for shaving his head.  He said it had a good feel and did a great job.  In my opinion, the scent is slightly masculine.  There are no detergents or SLS which makes it great for anyone to use!

I was so happy to get the wooden shelf to keep my soap from melting away in the shower.  Along with it was two of the Original Shampoo Bars.  The ingredient list is a mere seven ingredients!  All made from natural oils and GMO free.

What I like about this bar:

-Lathers up very well.  Simply wet your hair then wet the bar and apply bar straight to hair.

-No need for conditioner in most hair.  For me, however, being around a wood heater and a very dry winter required applying conditioner once a week.

-One bar lasts approximately the same amount as a 24oz bottle of shampoo.  So for me using one bar every day it lasted about two months.

-Having natural ingredients it makes my hair very soft and manageable.

-It is great to travel with and they even have a travel pouch available

You can purchase from their website and can find it in some stores.  Also you may connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, I am very pleased with the original bar and would love to try the others offered especially the Virgin Coconut and Argan Oil bar!  I'm glad I took the leap and tried something out of the box- or bottle in this case, and I will probably never buy a bottle of shampoo again.

Have you tried shampoo bars before?  If not, what are you waiting for?!