Sunday, April 28, 2013

What kind of cleaner's are in your home?

After watching a documentary about toxins in most of America's houses I did inventory of our house and decided to make a change!

Basically I cleaned out the old and added only things to clean everything with.  Starting with my daughters baby wash...We used Aveno Baby and after seeing SLS as an ingredient I quickly purchased some natural and lotion as well. 

Then for cleaning I got a spray bottle and used vinegar and water cleans just about anything and I even dust with it!  (The only drawback is the smell which goes away fast I think)

The other cleaner I made was called an All purpose cleaner and I use this in the bathroom mostly...I found it here..Non-toxic Home Cleaning & Care: Natural, Green, Eco-Friendly Solutions |

So then I went on to my laundry and made my own laundry powder but quickly eliminated that...see my earlier blog about detergent!

For hand soap I use Castile soap (NOT Dr. Bronner's) There are a few other kinds I do not promote Dr. Bronner's because if you read about him he is for one world religion.  I have found another brand that is reasonable priced and you mix with water and fill soap bottle and works great!

I moved to our bathroom and actually I use the castile soap to wash with its tea tree oil scented and I find it leaves my dry skin feeling soft! I even use it on my face! I made my own body wash also out of ivory soap and glycerin and water but found it to be dry on my can make with different soaps as I might try again soon to see how it works.

For shampoo and conditioner I would like to make my own just haven't yet...I have found some that do not have SLS and phosphate's.

I think the last of the homemade cleaners was the dishwasher powder I used a recipe with Borax, Washing soda, salt and a lemon cleaner you can get at most stores.

So our cabinets went from about 20 different cleaners down to 2 spray bottles, a bottle of vinegar, borax, washing powder, and baking soda.

So why go through this change? It sounds like a lot but it actually took about one afternoon to make the switch!  To get your house non toxic!  We are putting stuff that is so bad for us in our bodies and on our skin which is absorbed into your body! I can breathe better and can really tell a difference.  We wonder why so many people have cancer and now is the time to do something about your health.

I would love to hear of what you are doing to make your home healthier :)!


  1. I havent made the change yet due to financial strain and the upfront costs to change everything, but I CANT wait to make the switch. In everything. I use cloth diapers and unpapertowels. I use this stuff called country save for detergent but Im thinking of switching, but afraid of what to use. I use this organic shea butter soap bar from target called SheaMoisture. I LOVE it. They have this one smell, frankencense and myrrh and not sure if you are aware but these were gifts to baby jesus! lol They have a baby line and I like to joke that my baby smells like jesus. :D It smells amazing. Im thinking of getting all the essential oils as well! Thats also a big start up cost! :/

  2. Rebecca,
    The best thing I have found for cleaning is actually just vinegar and water or castile soap and water! So its not too expensive :)! I love SheaMoisture African black soap! You need to try that one too! Stay with me and we are supposed to have a review of their products!!

  3. I actually have that stuff, I like it except for the smell. It doesnt stink, but I dont think it smells good either. Awesome! I love their stuff and have been wanting to try their other scents and lines, Ive only tried 2 scents and 6 different products.


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