Monday, May 20, 2013

Weaning my sweet girl!

The time has come for me and little one to stop breastfeeding.  This has been a long time coming it seems like as I wanted to stop at a year old (shes almost 16moths) but she kept wanting so I didn't want to feel like I was depriving her of anything. 

However, the past week or two she has been biting pretty badly.  So for both of us this has been a struggle I have only went a day now.  I think the hardest part is being home with her and she doesn't understand why I won't give her milkies (that's what we call it). 

I would like to hear other ways that mom's dealt with this process.  It seems to me to be a little depressing and emotional as I feel bad not to give her what she wants as a mom it is really hard.  Dad is finally helping at bedtime so the transition is getting better.

I did a lot of research online about ways to help with the pain of the breasts and drying up...So I went to the Vitamin shoppe and got some organic no more milk tea which has a few ingredients such as sage...Also read how cabbage leaves help but no scientific reason why...I am doing both of these things but also would like to know if anyone else has a different way (natural or not) of dealing with this.  We were only nursing about 3 times a day so I feel like a few days of drinking this tea and cabbage leaves will do the trick?! Hopefully at least!

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me :)


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