Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mama Cloth

When I first read another blog about Mama cloth I admit I was a a lot grossed out! Haha! 

Warning this post is about menstrual cycle and cloth pads so please stop reading if you aren't interested in this topic!

So I did my research and found out that cloth pads actually have a positive impact on your cycle...
Women reported less pain, and shortened period. 

I recently acquired an old sewing machine and wanted to make something and had the materials so I went onto and bought my own pattern!

It was really easy to follow even for me a total beginner!  Below is a picture of one of mine that I recently made!  Still working on my skills please don't judge me :)!!

So back to the reason I am trying them...I use cloth on my little girl so why not use it on myself?

Makes sense to me!  They are breathable and actually after wearing them I feel less gross than with normal pads! 

For the washing routine I just plan on washing with little ones diapers but there are several methods of washing I guess just like anything you have to try different options and adapt your own.

I would love to actually buy some and a lot of WAHM's make them and also even Fuzzibuns has their brand! 

For now I will work on my own stash...Think about it...What did women used to use before all of this technology?  Cloth! :)

Any comments appreciated!  Do you use Mama cloth?



  1. I so want to try it as well! I have heard LOTS of good things about them! And Im also super sensitive down there for all chemicals. :/ I break out ALL the time from it. I am also buying the lunette cup when I have the money! Big money up front but you never have to do laundry or buy tampons/pads again! :D And it last FOREVER! :D :D :D

  2. Rebecca, I have started making more changing the pattern to be my own. And even though there are so many WAHM shops I thought of selling mama cloth, breast pads and unpaper towels?! I got my KAM snap press this week and been practicing! The cloth pads really are so much better! I did them this past time for everywhere (even waiting tables)!!

  3. Thats awesome, as I said, I wanna do the cup, and the Ill buy mama cloth pantiliners :D

  4. I am very interested in trying mama cloth. I cloth diaper and love it, why not right? Pink Lemonade's shop on etsy has hand dyed bamboo velour! She does a beautiful job!!! They are just so cute, and what women doesn't love pretty things? I am also moving to a new home with a septic tank and mama cloth makes more sense than throwing all that garbage away!

    1. You should!! It is so much better for you and it feels so much cleaner! Weird sounding! But I have been doing it since this post I have made quite a few more and getting better at it! I have also ordered a few from different WAHM's and I should be reviewing some soon on the blog!! :)


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