Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mommy's working now!

I know many mom's work and I was fortunate (and did without many material things) the first year and half of my little ones life so I could stay home with her.

  After weaning completely I decided to not only teach part time but also to start working nights again. This has been a little rocky transition as I am missing out on bedtime and in one way it has helped me with the emotional connection that went along with breastfeeding and I am still with little one all day so we still have our time together :).

It is hard working and just trying to remember everything you have to do (cook, clean, pack lunches, etc...) Sometimes I feel like I am a failure trying to be a good mom/wife.  My husband has realized he has to help more in different ways and although I have certain ways of doing things I have to give control up.  God is in ultimate control and I have to turn everything over to Him. Sometimes I catch myself with a lot on my mind I have to sit back (take a sip of coffee) and give it all to Him!

I think in some ways going back to work has helped me find myself again as far as the social aspect.   I would however not trade work for the time I have and still spend with my sweet girl.  Now that I do have 2 part time jobs I give credit to working mom's/dad's who have to work to provide and still be the only parent it is a difficult task.

I would love to hear some ways that you balance your time between work and home life :)!

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