Monday, August 12, 2013

About Me

I decided to write this post for those of you who do not really know who I am and why I started a blog.

I am from a fairly small town and I love it and I still live here with my husband and most of my family is still in the area.

My husband and I met online through a Christian dating network!  We will be married three years next week!  We have a beautiful daughter who is 18 months old.  As well as a doggy daughter named Rhema.  My husband is truly a Man of God.  He has a past with alcohol and drugs before we met as do I.  We have both been saved by Grace that only God gives.  He went through discipleship through Teen Challenge and it truly changed his life!  I am so thankful for him even though I might not always tell him or show it.

 I have two associates degree's.  One in Culinary and the other in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  I have been in the restaurant business since right out of high school.  I have done just about everything dealing with the aspect of hospitality business.  Although I am young I am a former Restaurant Manager.  After deciding to leave the stressful position I was in I found out we were prego!  I still continued to work serving tables in a local restaurant where I am currently working again now.  Just as I left the management position I got a call to fill a teaching position at the community college where I had graduated from!  For the past 5 semesters I have been teaching in the hospitality department at Guilford Technical Community College.  I have loved it!  They unfortunately only need me this semester as a standby or substitute which is okay with me, that means I can spend every day with little girl and only work nights!

I started Google cloth diapers when I was pregnant.  After a little research I decided that I was definitely going to cloth diaper!  I was planning on going back to work after I had my little girl but after her arrival we decided to make the choice and although it was very difficult financially we made it.

I love entering giveaways because I won a few things it is rather addicting!  After reading and seeing blogs that these reviews were on I decided that I would give it a shot.  I see it as a way of connecting with other mom's and people alike.  An outlet maybe to take me from our living room to a place where other people can connect!

After the birth of little girl I had a rough time recovering from our birth process.  I ended up having a c-section and well I will post the whole story on another post maybe.  I do think I had some depression afterwards.  We did breastfeed until she was 15 months old but now are totally weaned.  And I am so thankful it worked out for us!  About the same time she started sleeping through the night!  Which as we all know that can be very rough on us Mom's!

My main goal is just to have fun and tell my experiences with cloth diapers and how we are trying to live a more organic lifestyle!

Thanks for reading!


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