Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snappy Greens Review

Snappy Greens is a WAHM business that started out making cloth wipes as the owner Rebecca needed to find something to do for herself!  I can definitely relate as I am sure most of you Mom's can.  She moved on to making waist extenders for diapers and now makes items that include, mama cloth pads, unpaper towels, and one size fitted hybrid diapers.

I would love to tell you about the One Size Hybrid Fitted Diaper that I had custom made for my special girl!  I won a $7 credit on Facebook and I could not just pick one thing!  When she had her next stocking on Hyena Cart I purchased this diaper and two cloth pads.

This is the first time I had purchased anything from a WAHM and Rebecca was so accommodating.  She helped me with all of the questions that I had, and it was a few because we are accustomed to using pocket diapers.

I could not wait for the diaper to arrive and it did not take long at all after I placed my order.  

This is my diaper!!

First of all, how cute is it?!  Totally! This is a Teal Chevron with Dark Teal Cotton Velour.

Second, it is so soft on the inside.  It did take me a few times looking at the picture to be able to snap it back together but I quickly got the hang of it!

One of the best things I like about this diaper as opposed to the pocket style PUL we are used to is the ability for her bum to breathe especially during these hot summer days!

The only drawback to this style of diaper for me is the poop factor and not having a diaper sprayer the layers can get a little messy when doing the swoosh method(Yuck haha!!)

We actually use it for nap time without a cover (she is not a heavy wetter).

I would love for you to check out her store and she most always has spots for custom diapers if you are looking for something different that not everyone else has!

Ways to connect with Snappy Greens:

Thanks for reading this post and everything I said was totally my own opinion!  I did win the $7 credit but otherwise my money was used to purchase these items discussed.


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