Wednesday, October 2, 2013

skin solution by ibody science review

I recently had the chance to review an amazing product skin solution™ from a company called ibody science. 


About the Company from their website:

"try it and see...
An adventurous motto from an adventurous cowgirl. Saga Stevin, the founder of ibody science™ is passionate about new frontiers; from the horses sheʼs wild about to the people she wants to help. In fact, it was through her devotion to horses that she started this company. With a deep understanding of the sensitive skin issues horses have, she put her inquisitive spirit to work and started experimenting.

Incorporating holistic treatments from her own organic lifestyle, Stevin concocted a rare blend of plant oils she believed would help her horseʼs skin problems. She tried it and did indeed see dramatic results. It wasnʼt long before her friends and colleagues were asking for it.

 Word spread…fast. Pretty soon more and more people started to see the same dramatic results for a variety of issues. And horse people (being horse people) started using it on themselves. Stevin recounts, “I saw a lady bring her horse in from the pasture with a nasty cut across his chest. I told her about my product and how, if she used it on the horse’s cut, she wouldnʼt see a trace of it within a short amount of time.” At that point, the woman lifted her shirt and asked if it could help with “this too.” The woman had a double mastectomy and was experiencing ongoing skin problems. “My heart broke for her,” says Stevin, “all I could do was say ʻtry it and seeʼ.”

 Curious to find out if it would work on her tender, scarred skin, the woman used it and experienced stunning results. This inspired Stevin to reformulate the product to address the needs of people with delicate, post-procedure skin issues. One thing led to another and in 2008 ibody science™ was officially born. Through all this, Stevin felt a strong sense of confidence that she is on the right trail–as she puts it, “it’s a God thing!”

 Wherever she goes, she encourages people to find their own adventurous spirit.  She’d like everyone to “try it and see” for themselves.

The ibody science corporate mission is: To be the recognized leader in healthy lifestyle products by providing healthy, all-natural and organic products for a balanced, simple and healthier lifestyle."

More information and ways you can use skin solution™ :
"Because all skin is bio-chemically the same, this formula works on all skin types. Skin solution™ is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phyto (plant based) nutrients that rapidly promote healthy skin development. Non-toxic, all natural + safe for the entire family!

· Razor Burns + Sensitive Skin

· Diaper Rash + Boo-Boos

· Anti-aging+ Moisturizing

· Breakouts + Blemishes

· Sun Burn+ Steam Burns

· Bug Bites + Poison Ivy."

My thoughts:  I have been using the skin solution™ at night after I wash my face and have been seeing great results in the clarity of my skin.  Last week was that time of the month and I normally break out (yes I am 30!).  By applying this every night there is a visible difference and I know this product is the reason!

Another way I have used the skin solution™ is today for the first time in about a month I shaved my legs and had terrible razor burn for some reason.  After applying a thin layer of skin solution it quickly disappeared!  

 Overall, I recommend this product if you are in need of a way to heal and protect your skin naturally!  It is great for kids and adults and there are even towlettes that you can take with you for boo boo's!  I put a few in my purse just to have in case of accidents.

 Ways that you can connect with ibody science are:

I received the product mentioned for my honest opinion.  All views are my own and yours may be different than mine.  I only suggest products that I like and I think my readers will love!

This post contains affiliate links a portion of the sales if you purchase goes to my blog!  Thank you for reading!

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