Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hazelaid Baltic Amber Neclace Review and Gift Code Giveaway!

A local cloth diapering mama introduced me to the Hazelaid brand from Canada and I want to share my experience's with you!  For this review and giveaway Hazelaid has provided me with a gift code for two necklaces and I have purchased the gift code to giveaway!

A little about the Hazelaid Company: 


We first were introduced to hazelwood necklaces in early 2008.  Eczema had overtaken the poor little body of our then three month old daughter and we had been trying in vain to help her.  Nothing worked, so when a friend of ours mentioned these necklaces to us, we were skeptical but willing to try anything.

Her baby son had been on medication to help with severely painful acid reflux.  Eventually her mother sent her a hazelwood necklace, and within two weeks of him wearing it he no longer exhibited any symptoms!  Our friend carefully took him off his medicine with no ill effects and he had been fine ever since!  

So when she told us the good news and mentioned that the necklaces were supposed to help with eczema as well, we dove in and ordered for our whole family.  Sure enough, within two weeks our daughter's eczema cleared up entirely, and we've never looked back.

The only times it comes back is when we take off her necklace to go swimming and forget to put it back on (oops!) or when the necklace is saturated and has absorbed all the acid it can. When that happens (every few months or so), we put on a new one and within a few hours to a day her eczema is gone again. We also benefited from how helpful it was in soothing teething pain for both our son and our youngest daughter.  

UPDATE - As of today, she no longer has a breakout when we take off the necklace!  We’re not sure if it was something her body grew out of, if there was a change in diet, or if the necklace eventually brought lasting balance to her system.  She still wears one (as we all do) most of the time, but we no longer worry about her having to rush to put it back on. :)

Eventually we were so overcome by the effects of these products that in April of 2008 we launched Hazelaid.com to make them available to more people and get the word out.  Since then we have received a flood of emails from people telling us they had tried so many things to heal their various issues (eczema, teething, acid reflux, heartburn, headaches) and nothing has worked as well for them as these products!  And they are so thankful for a treatment that doesn't include pumping their bodies (and the bodies of their little ones) full of unnecessary and possibly harmful medicines, but instead to be able to treat these issues naturally and effectively.

In February, 2010, Hazelaid moved operations to Montreal, Quebec.  We have since expanded our product lines to include TheAmberIsland Collection as well as our listings on Amazon.com.

Today we carry 450+ unique Hazelwood, Baltic Amber, Magnetic, Herbal Ointment, and Soap Nut Products!


Visit our About Hazelwood page


Visit our About Baltic Amber page


My Review:

For review purposes and to get a better idea of how amber works on different people I have purchased two necklaces one for a church friend and one for my mom.  I wanted someone who could actually tell me how they are working!

With two different pain stories the necklaces both of them could tell a difference.  Both ladies (which are both over 50) have worn the necklaces for almost a month.  Little girl has worn hers now for a few months.

Below is the Baltic Amber Honey necklaces that I purchased for all three reviews
(different sizes of course):
Product info: 
USE: Effective for teething, drooling, and other pain relief.  Must be placed directly on the skin.  We recommend moving necklaces to the upper leg during naps and at night for very young children. Baltic amber is meant to be worn, NOT chewed!

STRENGTH: 8 out of 10

CONSTRUCTION: Made with plastic amber colored screw clasp and string knotted between each bead.

VARIANCE: Typical bead size 3-4mm, most necklaces taper slightly in bead diameter towards the ends.  As always exact bead color and shape can vary slightly.  These are handmade, length is within 1/2 inch.



CARE: Keep away from soaps and oils, clean with plain water.

NOTE: No child under the age of three should wear a necklace without adult supervision.  Product may be worn around the leg during naps and night.
The Results
My mom said that she could feel a difference both in her neck/back pain when around her neck and when she doubled around her wrist (where she has greater pain) she could tell significant difference.  If she did take it off she would notice a difference in pain in not having it on.

Mrs. Mary from Church told me that in her case her pain is so severe (she was seeking treatment from a Doctor from a terrible pain that went from her neck down her back) that it was still there but she could really tell a difference when she had her necklace on!  And that wearing it has helped her to function a little more normal. 

We have had this same Baltic amber necklace for little girl and it has helped with teething!  How can I be sure?  She just cut her back molars and I didn't even know!  Her other teeth have been really bad on her.  Since she is under 3 as the website states I take her necklace off at bed time and nap time!  I do not recommend leaving it on when they are not being watched! 

Also, as a rule you must remove the amber before getting in any type of wet situation! 

Now that you have heard about the different experiences with Baltic Amber from Hazelaid you can purchase your items at Hazelaid.com and they have much more than just amber!

For my readers Hazelaid has offered a 10% off code Miranada10 -there is not a set expiration and not a set amount of uses so you can use as many times as you like!  I am really liking the look of the  Lemon Rose-Quartz necklace for little girl!   *This code is only good for the Hazelaid website and not for their products on Amazon as they are already set on a discount.

You can also connect with Hazelaid on Facebook//Twitter//Pinterest.

To comply with rules I am re-stating this from the Hazelaid website:  Products & claims regarding properties & effects have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information supplied is for general reference & educational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.


One of my readers will win a gift code worth $15.00!  This giveaway is open to US and Canada to readers 18 and over.  Canadian winners will be required to answer a skills question upon winning.  Note:  Readers will most likely have to add their own money to the gift code in order to purchase. 

The giveaway will end November 25th and to enter simply fill out the form on Giveaway Tools.  The winner will be selected randomly using Giveaway tools and they will be emailed and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.  Mommy Miranda is not responsible for prize shipment or any monetary value except the gift code mentioned.


As mentioned before I was sent a coupon code to purchase my own product.  The opinions mentioned are all of those who wore the necklaces and my own and were in no way influenced.  Your opinion may be different than mine. 

Thank you for reading!  Have you found that amber helps your little one or hazelwood?  I would love to know!


-Miranda :)


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  16. I have never tried any of these products and just started researching them today. My daughter has had severe cradle cap since she was a baby. She is now 3 years old and I have tried almost everything natural. The cradle cap has hindered her hair growth. After finding the product today I have considered purchasing a necklace, but I am just afraid it is another failed attempt.


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