Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 2 of my Seeds Now Garden Project


I have been patiently waiting for my seeds to sprout in the pods provided by the Seedsnow company.  I don't have much of a green thumb so I am really hoping I did not water them too much or not enough?!

It only took a few days by the window inside and they were beginning to sprout!  I was so excited!  On the directions for the pods you are just to keep them moist and in a sunny warm area.  Just about all of them were sprouted before I planted today.  Only three of them did not sprout but I had to go ahead because we had one 70 degree day and then a cold front hit again today!  (only in NC:)

My dad decided it would be best if he tilled up a spot on his land for me to plant my garden.  The soil here in NC in our area is quite like red clay almost.  It had just rained so made it an especially good day to plant.  Little girl even decided to help and she had lots of fun!

I had seeds leftover so we sowed them in the ground by just tossing them in the soil.  I did not add anything to the dirt as far as fertilizer so we will see how that goes.

Finally, we covered the garden with a heavy plastic for these cold winter days.  Around it we placed big rocks that my dad has pilled up from tilling the ground.


This was so much fun to get started.  Now we just have to be patient and wait to see how it grows!

Thanks for reading and look for another post in a week or two!


Thank you to SeedsNow.com for sending me the mentioned products.  This is of course my own opinion and yours may be different than mine.  They sent me the above mentioned products in exchange for a review otherwise no compensation went into this post!

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