Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Garden Project with Non-GMO seeds!

Day 1 of my Garden project from

We are trying to live a more green lifestyle and buying organic food is becoming increasingly expensive!  Also, I believe that we need to be more self sufficient when it comes to food because there may be a day where we can no longer go to the store for everything! 

While my dad is an avid gardener and has lots of land we live in the city and have a good size lot but nothing to boast about!  For this project I haven't decided whether I am going to plant here or on his land.  My original thought was to plant in buckets, more to come!

For my selection I had to go to the SeedsNow website and check for my region and what could grow during this time.  If you are curious you can go HERE to see what region you live in and what you could plant along with me!

Before I started planting my seeds I did lots of research on their site and this post was very informative:  14 Steps to Growing Organic Food

What exactly is GMO? 

I think the SeedsNow website explains it best and you can see the full page with videos here:

What I received from were the following packets of seeds: 
1.  Lettuce-Winter Density
2.  Collard-Georgia Southern
3.  Cabbage-Copenhagen
4.  Broccoli-Romanesco
5.  Cauliflower-All Year Long
6.  Kale-Blue Curled Scotch
7.  Broccoli-Calabrese
8.  Spinach-Bloomsdale

I also received the Seed Starting Soil Pellets in a 25 count bag!  These seem easy to use.  Basically, you just add water and they puff up absorbing the water and giving you a place to start your seeds inside.  So I did just that today!  See the picture below!

The starter pellets require sun and warm so I placed them near a window that gets a full day of sun at our house.  It says wait 7-10 days and keep them moist.  I placed mine in a glass baking dish so I can just pour the water in each day!
I am so excited to grow our own food that will be organic and GMO free!
This is going to be an ongoing series where I will hopefully document at least every one to two weeks!  Do you have a garden?  I would love for you to share tips and tricks!
My husband wants to put a fish under each plant (which we have) so we will see!

My next post should include prepping the ground for transplanting!

Thanks for reading! 


Thank you to for sending me the mentioned products.  This is of course my own opinion and yours may be different than mine.  They sent me the above mentioned products in exchange for a review otherwise no compensation went into this post!

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