Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Little Announcement!

As this Christmas Season is approaching I hope everyone remembers the reason for the Season!

I just wanted to share a little news about our family of three!  We will be adding on in July!!

I am prego with number 2!  I was waiting until our first ultrasound to announce and I wanted to make a cute picture with little girl but I couldn't hold it in any longer!

If you have noticed I haven't been online as much just because I have definitely felt the nausea and have just not felt like doing much at all besides keeping up and playing with little girl.  I have been feeling so tired this time which I do not remember at all the first time around!

We are so excited to see and experience a second child coming into the world.  My midwife is considering me high risk because of my weight which I am a little sad about and she also is wanting me to take baby asprin starting at 12 weeks to prevent blood clots.  I am doing research on this because I really don't like taking medicine.  So if any of you have done this I would love to know!  Also, baby number 2 will be most likely another c-section.  I was torn about this at first but the way my pelvis is (And my mom tried a V-Bac with my younger sister after me and failed)  That I am pretty much okay with it for now but we  have time to think about it.

Thank you all for reading!

-Miranda :)


  1. Big congratulations your way! What exciting news. Can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy.

  2. High risk cause of weight? That's absurd ... My last pregnancies I was considered overweight but was not put on anything besides progesterone cause I showed no signs of high blood pressure etc.. If you are healthy why would she expect you to take any type of medication.. I'm not a fan of taking drugs even for headaches so I totally understand your concerns


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