Sunday, June 23, 2013

Homemade Strawberry and Banana Pouch Filling

Last week one of my good friends and I took our children to pick strawberries!   I came home and  I made up this batch of puree for my little girls reusable pouches.  We all know how expensive pouches can be.  Most are $1 and up which can bring your grocery bill up dramatically.

Here is how I did it: (pretty basic)

3 cups of fresh strawberries
3 bananas
1/4 cup water (may or may not need this much)

You will need blender or hand immersion blender like I used.

First I started with fresh picked strawberries and cut the stems off.  Give them a good bath in water and then drain them.

Next, you will need to peel your bananas and I sliced mine to make it easier to blend.

Place the bananas and water in a large bowl.  Puree until all chunks are gone.  Add your strawberries a little at a time as to not over crowd your bowl. 
I pureed until all chunks were gone since I was going to be filling the pouches.

The next part is a little comical but I had left over breast milk storage bags and figured I would get some use out of them.  I used them to fill and freeze my mixture!

I used a funnel and a clean cup to fill my bags and pouches with and as you can see I still made a little mess! I stored the extra's in the freezer so we can pull out as needed.

And Wa-La that's it.  Pretty simple.  You could do this with any fruit combo or veggie for that matter.  The only difference would be cooking of some items.  

My little one is used to the multi-flavored pouches so I am working on coming up with other recipes.

I would love to hear what others have tried! 


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mommy's working now!

I know many mom's work and I was fortunate (and did without many material things) the first year and half of my little ones life so I could stay home with her.

  After weaning completely I decided to not only teach part time but also to start working nights again. This has been a little rocky transition as I am missing out on bedtime and in one way it has helped me with the emotional connection that went along with breastfeeding and I am still with little one all day so we still have our time together :).

It is hard working and just trying to remember everything you have to do (cook, clean, pack lunches, etc...) Sometimes I feel like I am a failure trying to be a good mom/wife.  My husband has realized he has to help more in different ways and although I have certain ways of doing things I have to give control up.  God is in ultimate control and I have to turn everything over to Him. Sometimes I catch myself with a lot on my mind I have to sit back (take a sip of coffee) and give it all to Him!

I think in some ways going back to work has helped me find myself again as far as the social aspect.   I would however not trade work for the time I have and still spend with my sweet girl.  Now that I do have 2 part time jobs I give credit to working mom's/dad's who have to work to provide and still be the only parent it is a difficult task.

I would love to hear some ways that you balance your time between work and home life :)!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mama Cloth

When I first read another blog about Mama cloth I admit I was a a lot grossed out! Haha! 

Warning this post is about menstrual cycle and cloth pads so please stop reading if you aren't interested in this topic!

So I did my research and found out that cloth pads actually have a positive impact on your cycle...
Women reported less pain, and shortened period. 

I recently acquired an old sewing machine and wanted to make something and had the materials so I went onto and bought my own pattern!

It was really easy to follow even for me a total beginner!  Below is a picture of one of mine that I recently made!  Still working on my skills please don't judge me :)!!

So back to the reason I am trying them...I use cloth on my little girl so why not use it on myself?

Makes sense to me!  They are breathable and actually after wearing them I feel less gross than with normal pads! 

For the washing routine I just plan on washing with little ones diapers but there are several methods of washing I guess just like anything you have to try different options and adapt your own.

I would love to actually buy some and a lot of WAHM's make them and also even Fuzzibuns has their brand! 

For now I will work on my own stash...Think about it...What did women used to use before all of this technology?  Cloth! :)

Any comments appreciated!  Do you use Mama cloth?