Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spray Pal Giveaway: Mini Spray Pal 2.0's Birthday Bash Celebration

Today I am excited to participate in Mini Spray Pal 2.0's Birthday Celebration Giveaway!

Spray Pal is a very cool accessory to help with the poop when you use a diaper sprayer.  Neither of which I have yet but would love to of course!

So I want to say Happy Birthday Mini Spray Pal 2.0 and it is a very special second birthday because, "he was born at 25 weeks gestation, spent 7 months in the NICU, underwent numerous surgeries, completely lost his hearing and had to have the lens in his eye removed so he's profoundly deaf in both ears and visually impaired, still on oxygen, still fed with a feeding tube, etc.  BUT. He is the most loving and happy little boy you'll ever meet, and he's the #1 reason we push on with making Spray Pal into a small business that can work to help us stop teaching and stay home with both our kids."

Below you can see all of the awesome sponsor's for this event where 2 winners will be chosen randomly!

Enter away!  Giveaway ends 3/31!

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  1. I would love the BECO baby carrier! or anything joovy!

  2. Brittany BischoffMarch 20, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    I would be ecstatic to win either prize package but I think the Just For Baby one would be just awesome! A huge shout out to Spray Pal 2.0 for his second birthday!! Woo hoo!! Can't wait to see the Spray Pal fam bam this weekend at the BiBs festival in Oceanside :)

  3. I would love the just for baby package, but both have lovely things in them!

  4. would love the just for baby package!

  5. Ive always wanted a Solly wrap!

  6. I would love the prize from Joovy, but really, any of the diaper prizes would be great to add to our stash. I guess that falls under Just For Baby.

  7. I would like the mommy and me package


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