Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blogger Signups for The Rebecca Foundation's #Cloth4all Giveaway!

Many of you know that I do some volunteering with The Rebecca Foundation's Cloth Diaper Closet!  We are getting ready to launch a new campaign called #Cloth4all!

If you do not know about our organization we provide cloth diapers to families on a loan program FREE of charge, (1 in 3 families has to choose between diapers and food, we try to help families not have to choose, while helping the environment) in return once the client has built their "stash" of diapers we ask that they return the diapers to us, while on the program the families are to volunteer two hours of their time, by passing out flyers or other means to try spread the love and help we give.

The #Cloth4all campaign is a campaign to break the stigma surrounding cloth diapers, showing that everyone no matter race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, economical and work background can use cloth diapers.  We hope by releasing #Cloth4all that others will become more aware of our organization and we can help many more families!

If you are a blogger who is passionate about sharing with others your love for cloth diapers and things related please sign up to promote this awesome giveaway!  As a thank you we will reserve one spot on the giveaway form with any social media link of your choice!  Please share this with any other blogger's you think may want to join in!

Sign ups will close on June 1st and the HTML code will be sent as soon as possible via the email you use to sign up with!

If you are a WAHM or company that has cloth diaper related items and you would like to be added as a sponsor please email:

Event Details:

Event Dates:  June 9th-June 14th

By signing up you are saying you will promote the giveaway at least 3 times during the giveaway. 

Hashtag:  #Cloth4all

To sign up:

-Grab the #cloth4all button from the top of this page and save to your computer feel free to place it on your blog but not a requirement.

-Help promote the #Cloth4all campaign

-The email will be sent a few days prior to June 9th.

-Please have the Giveaway post set to go for 12 am June 9th.

Thank you for signing up and we look forward to working with all of you to make this an exciting event!


  1. Hi I blog in spanish, I'm from Illinois, can I participate in this campaign even if I write in spanish? Thank you, here is the link to my blog

    1. Yes please! We would love you to join on board!

  2. I tried to email and the email got bounced. I'm a WAHM and would love more info on sponsoring...

    1. Hi Amber, I fixed it...I am so sorry please try to contact her again it is !!

  3. Can we start using the hashtag before June 9th? Otherwise I'll stick with # makeclothmainstream. :) So excited about this campaign!

    1. Hi Beth, Yes! Please feel free to start using the hashtag! :) Thanks for joining in!

  4. Yay! Already adding the #cloth4all button to my blog. :)

  5. Miranda, did the HTML already go out?


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