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Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper Review

I fell in love with Charlie Banana two years ago when I purchased two of their one size pocket diapers!  I had the privilege recently to do a review on three of their products to share with you!

For review purposes I was sent three products and the following is my opinion.

Charlie Banana was founded by a mom Gaëlle Wizenberg with inspiration from her own children one of which is named Charlie hence the name "Charlie Banana."

Just a little about Charlie Banana from their website:

"Charlie Banana® was created out of a love for eco-friendliness, quality, and design. We wanted to design products that anyone would feel confident using on themselves and on their babies, and that they would recommend to their friends. We wanted products that make you feel good on so many different levels.
We live in a world full of chemicals, full of cheap items that do not deliver what they promise. There is a global lack of eco-friendly modern design, and such a waste of resources. Many of us do not realize the full extent of the chemicals we apply on ourselves and on our children - from food, cosmetics, clothing, personal hygiene and cleaning products we use. We wanted to make something truly unique and to promote items that are basic but so much better for the health of the whole family, for our world, and for everyone's wallet.
As the future of the world is in our hands, we actively promote reusing wherever you can. Changing habits one at a time. Individual efforts make a huge difference.
If we can make people more aware of their daily waste, and encourage them to change their habits, this will be a great achievement. This is something to be proud of and to embrace.
Charlie Banana® is an eco-friendly brand, we feel this is something important. Every single entrepreneur should try manufacturing greener products. We design and manufacture everything with reducing waste in mind."

I was sent three diapers to review the first I will discuss is a XS!  I don't have my little squish here yet but I can not wait to try this one out!

The diaper is just like the one size in respect to being a pocket.  It comes with one XS insert that fits perfectly.  What I love about Charlie Banana is the opening is at the front so lets say that breastfed poop isn't going to touch your hands getting the insert out!  

The back of this diaper is pictured above in the middle but it says, "Goodbye Disposable Hello Cloth."  How cute!  What a way to show off your little fluffy bum!  I plan to update this post when our new little girl gets here so I can tell about the fit etc.  

The XS diaper is listed on the Charlie Banana website for $17.25 and you can choose from some awesome prints including this one!  

The next diaper I will discuss was the 2-in-1 Swim Diaper & Training Pants.  At first I had the impression this was only for swimming but I was mistaken!  I love this as training pants and for swimming!  

What I like about the trainer/swimmer is that the inner is made from soft organic cotton.  The outside is waterproof and the inside has very little padding.  For potty training purposes we are not quite potty trained yet and these are my first go to especially if we are going in public!  They do hold in pee's and poo's very well!  I would just not use these overnight as we are still using diapers and it says on the package for day use only.  They are a great as a learning tool though little girl can feel when she doesn't make it to the potty making them ideal.

For swimming, the diaper has held up very well and doesn't sag like I had pictured in my mind.  I put this on with a bathing suit top and she was ready to swim!  The drawstring in the front is a great idea you can cinch to where you need it.  The swim diapers are sized so you have to look and see which size you would need.  We have large and they seem to be quite perfect!  

The trainer/swim diaper goes for about 12.88 on their site.  If you compare this to a pack of disposable swimmers you are looking at a pack of large being about $10 for 17 diapers.  Depending on how often you swim you would definitely get your money's worth in over a summer!

Lastly, I was sent a One Size Charlie Banana with their logo on it.  

The one size option is the route many people go because it will fit from approximately newborn to 36 months or 6 pounds to 35 pounds.  I was excited to try out the new diaper because of the change they had made with the strap that controls how large or small you want the diaper.  The old one I had was a metal that was not easily moved and when I actually moved one it had broken leaving me with no elastic at all in the diaper!  I am happy to say this one is different and much easier to move they compare it to a bra strap.  

The link here is from the Charlie Banana website and it is a great way to show how to adjust the length of elastic and other great information!  

Just like the XS diaper the inner is very soft and the opening for the inserts is at the top.  The main difference besides of course the size is that the OS comes with two inserts making it ideal for nap and night (if you don't have a heavy wetter).  For us the one large insert works just fine especially for naps!  I like that the Charlie Banana diapers are more trim than other diapers making the fit much better and less bulky.  Although I know some mama's like big fluffy bums!  

The One Size diapers are priced at $21.88 on their website.  

Overall, I am VERY pleased with all three diapers I was sent to try out!  Of course I plan to update with pictures of my new little one in the XS!  One last thing that I am happy to say about Charlie Banana is that they are getting more mainstream and are in places such as local Targets.  I was in the OBGYN for an appointment the other week and even saw one of their ad's in a magazine!  I was so happy to see them trying to get cloth mainstream!  

For those who need organic options if your little ones are allergic or you just want something more natural then they just released an organic cotton option diaper!  You can see them here.

You can purchase Charlie Banana diapers at many retailers here and you can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you for reading about my experience with the cloth diaper's from Charlie Banana.  The opinions expressed are totally my own and I did receive product in exchange for a review. 

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