Monday, June 23, 2014

Are you aware...

I am posting this from conviction and if you don't like it you may simply unlike my page and I am totally okay with that!

First, I want to say if you have had an Abortion in the past like many people I know then you can be forgiven because there is a God who created you and loves you!  Please read more here!  

Last Week at our church we had an "Abolitionist for Abortion" come and speak...he opened my eyes to the epidemic we have here in America...Did you know that each day over 3,000 babies are killed each day?!  So very heartbreaking!

While doing some research my eyes were also opened more to the contorversal topic of vaccines and abortions see more here:

What can we do as Christians in this dark world we are living in?  

-Pray for our Country and our leaders that we will turn from this wicked way.

-Help others learn there are other options such as Adoption.  

-Be on the front lines at clinics (I know I could not do this as my husband has been with someone from Church before and described to me the conditions and seeing women go in and come out)

I believe that the day of judgement is very near and that if we do not turn as a nation back towards God and set our sights on Him then we will see His wrath.  I am not saying this to scare anyone but to simply wake up!  (Speaking to myself as well)  We simply go from day to day being self seeking but we need to seek His kingdom in all we do.

I am just learning more about Abortion and my eyes have been opened as I hope your's have as well!

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