Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting ready for Baby's arrival!

It is getting about that time!  I am 33 weeks and I am trying to get things ready at home.  I thought about it and I used to have our diaper washing instructions hanging in the wash area but for some reason (probably because I am the only one that EVER washes diapers or other laundry) I took them down! :)

Below is a list of how I wash my diapers and it has been working for us with the occasional vinegar wash to get things extra clean!  Hopefully while I am in the hospital hubby can bring home little ones diapers to wash so that I won't have much to do when I get home from my c-section!

Cloth Diaper Laundry                               

1.       Empty all diapers into washer including the wet bag

2.     First load Settings: large load/cold water/run one cycle regular

3.     Next load:  Large load/Hot water/full amount of Ecos Free and Clear with one scoop of Ecos Oxy powder/Extra rinse set to ON

4.     Line Dry if possible if not Dry on MEDIUM with dryer balls Full cycle then another time if necessary (they may not be dry from one cycle)

Just wanted to share!  Do you have your cloth diaper instructions posted in case someone wants to help you?

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