Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby M's Birth Story

It has been a while since I have updated but Baby M made her arrival three weeks ago now and we have been adjusting to life with two girls!

I just wanted to tell my story it didn't quite go as we had planned but when does it?!  God had other plans.

I knew the whole pregnancy that I was going to have another c-section due to the way my pelvis is which is why I couldn't push my first out!  My mom tried VBac in the 80's because she was adamant to do it that way with a failed attempt.  Because our body types are identical I decided to go ahead and plan the c-section early on.

Going in that morning at 6:30 it was really weird knowing that in a few hours I would have a new little baby!  Our pastor along with my husband and my mom were there to comfort me before going into the delivery room.  I guess I was most nervous about getting the spinal because last time I was in so much pain it was a relief when I got it that I didn't remember feeling it!  Well, this time was another story!  It hurt so BAD!  I had a huge bruise afterwards I am not sure why but it seemed they had a little hard time getting the placement right.

Once my husband came in I felt a sense of relief.  Everything went fine until hubby went to check on Baby M and then I caught a glimpse of the insides of me through a reflection and my heart started beating really fast I looked back at the anesthesiologist and said I couldn't breathe!  He popped something in my IV similar to Zantac and I felt much better!

Everything seemed fine they showed me the baby and said everything was fine and she had her first cloth diaper on the bum!  I wanted hubby going with her just to be sure everything went as I had wanted.  Meanwhile, I went to recovery with my mom and the Pastor's wife where we just talked and I rested.  After an hour I still had not seen my child it was then that I began to panic.  It was a short time after that I was informed she has swallowed fluid and was on oxygen and in the special nursery being monitored.  Of course I began to cry and pretty much freak out!  When they were ready for me to go to the Mother Baby unit I was able to be wheeled in to see Baby M and hold her for the first time and it was VERY emotional!

The whole day I was just sitting in my room pretty much crying and trying to pump every ounce of colostrum I could get out for them to give Baby because they had said they would have to give her formula or start an IV which was a failed attempt and she still has all of the little prick marks to prove it!  The pumping was a success and her blood sugar was being stabilized thank goodness!  I am very blessed to have had my favorite Lactation Nurse there to help me the whole weekend.

That night at around 10 my nurse came in to check on me and asked how I was doing and I replied with tears and said not good because I am not with my child!  She got another nurse and said if I was up to it they would wheel me in a wheelchair.  Of course I said YES!  So here we go catheter and all!  I tried to nurse but she was sleeping so failed attempt but I just got to hold her and that meant the world to me.  Once I started feeling really dizzy they had to take me back but thank goodness my mom was there to stay with her in the nursery which I later found out was the ICU.  In the special nursery there was a sweet nurse who was also a lactation consultant and she said next time that Baby M woke up and needed feeding she would bring her in to me and try to latch on!  So at about 2:30 am that morning I was happy to be feeding my little girl for the first time!

I didn't see her again until about 9:30 the next morning when I was wheeled in again to try and nurse her.  While I was washing my hands the DR who was over her said she would be able to come to my room and I was beyond thrilled!  Prayers were answered and her levels were where they needed to be all except the white blood cell count they were still not happy with it but said he didn't want to give antibiotics unless absolutely necessary!

Needless to say I am still checking her breathing every few times while she is asleep but I am very thankful everything worked out and she was able to come home we stayed a day extra but that was it!  I just wanted to share this because  a lot of family and friends still do not know what happened!  Thank you for reading and thank you all for prayers during that time!

-Miranda :)

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