Friday, August 22, 2014

Yamali Naturals Review

Yamali Naturals is owned and operated by a family of twelve in the Allegheny Valley of Western Pennsylvania.  Emma, the soapmaker, kindly sent me some products to review.  I knew I was in for a treat when I opened my mailbox and I could smell the yummy soaps!  I tested three soaps, a lip balm, and the green goo herbal salve.  Only pure and natural ingredients go into making each and every one and the end result is perfection (in my opinion).

I know I've reviewed several natural skincare brands lately, but I'm a strong believer in bath time being relaxing and a little escape from the everyday busyness of life.  With that being said, using products with natural aromatherapy and healing properties is an absolute must!

I love everything about Yamali Naturals.
I love the simple flower logo (more on how it came to be here).
I love their motto: "LIVE. LOVE. LATHER."
I love the Bible verses they choose to print on their soap labels.
I love the natural ingredients.

I would describe their soaps as an affordable luxury.  They're rich and creamy, lather well, and safe for the whole famliy!

Oasis Soap- hand & body bar
This one has a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender essential oils.  I thought the scent was refreshing and uplifting.  I felt more energized when I used it, so it would be great for mornings when you need a little extra pep in your step :)

Herbal Roots Soap- shampoo bar
I've never used a bar for shampooing my hair, but I must admit I liked it!  As the name implies, this bar smells earthy and herbal-y.  It's scented with lavender, patchouli, cedar, orange and a hint of ylang ylang, and infused with marshmallow and comfrey root.  My hair definitely felt clean and since I didn't have to use a separate shampoo and conditioner,  I cut down on my shower time.  I can't say for certain if my hair was as moisturized as it would have been if I had used regular shampoo and conditioner.  However, it's nice if you're short on time or don't feel like going through the effort of using two products!

Nani Soap- shampoo & body bar
This was my favorite bar of the three.  The scent and colors are vibrant!  Hawaii was the inspiration for this bar and it's scented with grapefruit, orange, ylang ylang and lavender essential oils.  It's also a multitasker because it can be used for your hair and body!

*Side note: you will need to use a soap dish to elevate the soap so it isn't sitting in a pool of water.  The bars will last much longer that way.

Tangrapefruit Lip Balm
I always have lip balm within arms reach and this one is a keeper.  It's not too thick or too slippery and it has good staying power.  It has just the right amount of fragrance from essential oils.

Green Goo Herbal Salve
I've been putting this stuff to the ultimate test...on my husband!  He was cursed with super dry skin and this goo has made a difference.  The skin where I applied the herbal salve is noticeably more moisturized and less cracked.
I also coincidentally burned my finger cooking supper one night.  At first I was mad at myself, but then I thought, "perfect opportunity to try the green goo!" After using it once, the puffiness went down and the burning was completely gone.  I could have used this stuff when I was a pastry chef!

Overall, I highly recommend Yamali Naturals and think their products are excellent quality and value!  I look forward to trying more soaps.  Christmas will be here in no time and you know what makes a great gift for the person in your life who has everything? Soap :)

Yamali Naturals has generously offered a discount code for our readers!  Use MIRANDA15 for 15% off your order in their Etsy shop!

Be sure to connect with Yamali Naturals on Facebook!

I was sent the above products for free in exchange for my personal opinion.  As always, all thoughts are my own!


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