Sunday, October 5, 2014 Photo on Canvas Review

The kind folks at asked me to review an item in exchange for my honest opinion.

When I was asked to review an item for I browsed their prints on canvas and was impressed.  I also noticed they have Photos on canvas and with baby M due I thought it would be a great idea since I have a nice photo of my first to get a Photo on Canvas of her too!  I was thrilled about this so right after I had her baby pictures completed I went ahead with my order. has an interesting founding story that you can read more on their website.

I will tell just a little about the day Baby M was getting her pictures taken!  I had hired a friend just like with my toddler to take pictures only this time was very last minute and it was a week later than I had originally planned.

Baby M was two weeks old and up until that day had been sleeping very good during the day.  She had other plans!  I had to sit there and breastfeed her a good hour before she would fall asleep so we could take her picture.  This is quite funny because Toddler A did the same thing!  I had planned on them wearing matching outfits for a few pictures and they turned out great!  I am glad that the WAHM I knew could do pictures on such a last minute. (Thanks Lynnesaye)

Here are a few that she captured:

As soon as my CD was ready I couldn't wait to order my picture!

My review:
I was very impressed with the ease of ordering on  There is basically only a three step process to ordering.  Simply upload your photo, Select the size you want, then choose a finish.  A confirmation email was sent when my order was processed and shipping information was emailed out about 7 days later as well so I knew when to expect my package.  I was surprised it did not take long at all for this custom picture on canvas to be framed by hand and mailed out.

When I received my picture in the mail it was very carefully wrapped in cardboard as to not damage the precious picture inside.  The quality was amazing and no detail was left out in the framing and it was even signed by the framer (how often does that happen).

 I ordered the 11.75 x 8.5 inches Framed Canvas Transfer Flat Front Petite Black.  It was just what it described on the website.  The frame is a very good quality and the backing is solid with mounts to attach at either end.

I had my husband move our pictures around to put our wedding invitation and engagement pictures in the middle and both children on either side.  Baby M is pictured on the left.  I love this new arrangement on the wall in our living room!

The cost of the Picture on Canvas that I ordered was about $43.00 including shipping and this would be the only drawback for me.  If I was to purchase something like this I would not be able to as it is not in our budget.  However, always seems to have sales going on so that makes it more possible for the average family to get their hands on something this awesome!

Here is a photo of the framed product but I can't do it justice on the detail but you get the idea.

Overall, I am very impressed with the ease of ordering, quality and finished product of my Picture on Canvas of my sweet baby M and I will cherish it forever!  I would recommend for any of your picture needs.

For Custom Framed Photos just like the one I received you can go to their site here.  To see their other awesome prints you can go to their main page and search from there!

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I did receive a product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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