Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Cards at

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are totally my own!

I have a confession...I have NEVER sent out Christmas cards before!  I have always meant to but this year I would love to be able to send out cute cards to my friends and family of the girls.  

I came across and love the very cute and creative designs of their cards and gifts for Christmas and the Holidays!  What I have compiled is a wish list of sorts and hope to choose one for my cards maybe with your help!!

The steps I took to narrow down my choices:  
When I first looked over all of the designs I was overwhelmed with all of the designs.  Once I had skimmed over then I decided how many pictures I wanted to use for my cards.

I chose to put only the girls picture as I have a tight budget!  So one it will be.  There is a simple way to search designs on the top of the page so I checked one photo and began other search down below the search options.

Next, I selected the format I decided to look at the folded versions.  Then I narrowed down even further and selected a Greeting, "Merry Christmas."  I do not really like saying Happy Holidays because the Christmas season to ME is about Christ being born :).  Even after narrowing down this much there were still 17 pages of Christmas cards to choose from!  Below I will share a few I found to be really creative.

  (All photos are from

This is called Book of Isaiah.  I love the creative design with the verse!

This is called Behold.  I chose to do a different shape and got the scalloped edging which makes it look so cute!

This is Isaiah.  I changed the outer on this one as well as the color of writing.

Celebrating Christ is the name of this one and I rounded the edges.  

Joy to the World.  This one I really like because of the pop of colors (and the message of course).

Okay, I have narrowed down to five choices but would really love some help deciding which one to choose!  I did decide to select ones with Bible verses because as mentioned above the reason we even celebrate Christmas!  There are other selections you have to make to do the final checkout such as how many you are getting and what kind of paper selection you would like.

Overall, if you are planning to get Christmas cards made and ordered now is a great time to start planning so it will not sneak up on you!  I think that is what happens to me!  I plan to always send them and before I know it its too late.  And if you are looking for a personalized gift they have items such as planners, party decor, art work and even awesome fabric!

To order from from their holiday selections you can simply go to their site Minted's Christmas Card Collection.  You can connect with on their Facebook page as well as Twitter and Pinterest!

Again, this was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own!


  1. These cards look super cute! I've been working diligently at getting mine finished this week.

    1. Thank you Mary! They are cute and there are so many more designs! Good job on getting yours done!! :)

  2. I just found your blog when I was googling the "Rockin Green" dishwasher detergent. I came across the "Rockin Green" the other (3) days...when I was perusing lots of cloth diaper websites looking for Black Friday deals. I'm expecting my first baby and have decided to cloth diaper. Anyway that's a lot of information unrelated to this post, but that's how I found you! I then noticed you are a Christian and I thought "this is so cool!, she's a cloth diapering Christian blogger". Now to the Christmas cards, I really love these. So many "Christmas" cards have a snowman or a santa on them these days. These are a beautiful way to draw attention to the real reason we celebrate Christmas :)

    Nice to "meet you"

    1. Hey Ashley! So glad you stumbled upon my little blog! :)


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