Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby Ecos Review

I recently wrote Ecos about how much I was loving their Free and Clear detergent for my cloth diapers as well as the Oxo Bright powder and they decided to gladly send me the Baby Ecos Free and Clear and the Baby Ecos Stain and Odor Remover for my review purposes.   

Let me just start by saying I was excited to get the Stain remover and try it out on some of my stubborn stains in little girls clothes and when I was reading the directions I surprisingly learned you can use it on fabric, carpet and furniture just to name a few!  

We had bought a Lazyboy recliner off of Craigslist last year and it had stains on the arms plus we added some and it is a weird yellow color so they all stand out!  Well,  I put this stain remover to the test and to my surprise the chair came clean as did the stains in little girls clothes and our white carpet.

The Baby Ecos Detergent is wonderful as well it does not have a smell which is what I prefer on our clothes.  I have not used either one on my diapers although I wouldn't see any reason not to?!

Just a little about the Ecos Stain and Odor Remover:


  • Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Phosphate Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Petrochemical Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Eliminates organic stains and odors
  • pH Balanced
  • Non-flammable
  • Never sets stains or fades colors


Water, Enzymes, Ethanol (derived from corn), Biodegradable Surfactant (derived from coconut) and Lemon Oil. Does not contain 1,4-Dioxane.

You can see from the list of ingredients that it truly is natural and non-toxic so I don't feel bad cleaning with it around little girl.  She even wanted to help scrub :)!

Below are features and ingredients of the Baby Ecos Detergent:


  • Plant-Based Ingredients
  • pH Balanced
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Phosphate, Formaldehyde & Petrochemical Free
  • Low-Sudsing: Excellent High Efficiency Performance
  • Safe in All Temperatures
  • Kind to Sensitive Skin
  • Septic Safe - Greywater Safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable Bottle and Cap


Free and Clear: Purified water, Naturally-Derived Anionic Coconut Kernel Oil based Surfactant, and Coconut oil based fabric softener. Free of perfumes, dyes and optical brighteners.
Lavender & Chamomile: Purified water, Naturally-Derived Anionic Coconut Kernel Oil based Surfactant, Coconut oil based fabric softener, N.O.P. Certified Chamomile and Lavender essential oils. Free of perfumes, dyes and optical brighteners.

I have seen great improvement with little girls clothes by spraying the stain remover then washing with the detergent.  We have this at our local stores which is the best part!  A major bonus is they have Disney characters on the bottles and when I reach for them little girl gets excited!  

Here are some before and after pictures of my chair and our couch (the white stuff is some yogurt residue on our microsuede couch from little girl):

I was really amazed at how our recliner looks after cleaning!  We really are enjoying both products that Ecos sent us to try out.  

You can find Baby Ecos products here and connect with Ecos on Facebook and Twitter.

This was a review and I received the mentioned products in exchange for my personal opinion.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spray Pal Giveaway: Mini Spray Pal 2.0's Birthday Bash Celebration

Today I am excited to participate in Mini Spray Pal 2.0's Birthday Celebration Giveaway!

Spray Pal is a very cool accessory to help with the poop when you use a diaper sprayer.  Neither of which I have yet but would love to of course!

So I want to say Happy Birthday Mini Spray Pal 2.0 and it is a very special second birthday because, "he was born at 25 weeks gestation, spent 7 months in the NICU, underwent numerous surgeries, completely lost his hearing and had to have the lens in his eye removed so he's profoundly deaf in both ears and visually impaired, still on oxygen, still fed with a feeding tube, etc.  BUT. He is the most loving and happy little boy you'll ever meet, and he's the #1 reason we push on with making Spray Pal into a small business that can work to help us stop teaching and stay home with both our kids."

Below you can see all of the awesome sponsor's for this event where 2 winners will be chosen randomly!

Enter away!  Giveaway ends 3/31!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's a Girl!

We had our 20 week ultrasound last week and I have told most people so now I can tell you all!  We will be having another little girl!  

Everything looked good she weighs about a pound and this time it took a good hour to do the scan!  I don't remember it taking that long with little girl last time.  We are all excited and just glad that things are going well so far.

The best part for me is I did not gain weight since my last apt. about three weeks ago!  So for me and the Dr it was a good thing!

Now the nesting begins, I have started searching for something for baby to sleep in and thought I wanted a mini crib but now I am thinking a pack and play with bassinet in it?!  The thing is little girl was 9.6 when she was born and didn't stay in a bassinet but for a month and I moved her to a crib.

  This time around the baby will be sleeping in our room as to hopefully not wake her up.  Plus the fact that we sold our bassinet a while ago has me searching for something that will last at least a year maybe more until they can share a bed!

I would appreciate prayers for a healthy pregnancy and special prayers for a best friend who had a special angel born too early who is now in heaven in the loving arms of Jesus!  

Thank you all for reading and I enjoy reading your comments! <3 Miranda 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers Review {and Giveaway}

I received a diaper in exchange for my opinion about the product. 

I have been a BIG fan of Little Monsters since about a year ago when I won some of their diapers!  They are the first ones I reach for when putting a diaper on little girl.  I was excited to share them with you all if you are not familiar with their diapers!

"About Little Monsters
One day, not long ago, a stay at home mom got fed up with her little boy getting rashes from disposable diapers. She decided to start a line of adorable, high quality cloth diapers that wouldn’t add to landfills, be good for our environment and our children, and decorate those cute little bums! We love how soft our diapers are, the standard of excellence in product quality, and the fact that they are a little bit bigger so they will grow up with your baby a really long time. Little Monsters is also the originator of embroidery on the back of the pocket diaper, and can share some very adorable original designs. We are certain you will enjoy the fashion and functionality of a product we are proud to share with the little monsters in all of us"

Little Monsters are pocket one size diapers.  Most of their diapers are embroidered with a very cute or silly creature on the back.  They do have solid prints as well.  

For my review, I was sent a gender neutral diaper so I can use it on baby that is coming (since I won't find out until next week what we are having!).  

The diaper is a grey solid color with a very cute elephant on the bum!  Coincidentally, little girl is obsessed with elephants and she says it in the cutest way!  This is one of her favorites to put on.
Sadly, this will probably be my last diaper review for her because she has been doing number one and two in the potty (YAY)!

Little Monsters have a snap down system so that makes the fit from 9-35+ pounds.  Little girl is 25 pounds and two years old so the fit on her is perfect and has been since before she was walking.  I just now moved the snaps up one we were using them at the second level for the longest time.

Each diaper comes with one insert that is three layers of microfiber and it is long enough so you can fold it to where you need it most.   I find the insert enough for her even at nap times.  I have never tried this diaper at night but the pocket easily has enough room for more inserts.  Little Monsters are made with love in China and designed in the USA.

I will say the width on these diapers are wider across which I personally like but for others with small babies you may not like them as well.  I would compare the width to a BG diaper (I put them on top of each other and these are a little wider).

Most of the embroidered diapers are priced at 22.99 and the solids are 20.99.  The price may seem a little steep but the quality is definitely worth the price.  Like I mentioned above, we have had a few of ours over a year now and they look hardly worn and the elastic is still very good.

For my readers Little Monsters has offered a code for 20%off if you want to go ahead and purchase your own!  The code is:  mommymiranda20 it is good from 3/9-4/9

You can connect with Little Monsters on their Website, Facebook and on Twitter.

Little Monsters has offered one reader the chance to win a diaper!  This is open to the US only and residents 18 or older please.

To enter simply fill out the giveaway tools form below and the winner will be emailed once it has ended.  The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be drawn.

I was given a product in exchange for my opinion.