Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rivertree Life Aluminum Inhaler Review

I received a product in exchange of my own personal opinion.

I was first introduced to the Rivertree Life company when an essential oil safety page I follow (Lea Harris) introduced one of their products.  I just happened to share the wooden storage box on my personal facebook page and a very special friend got it for me for my birthday the next month!  (Yay!)

Rivertree Life features products to store and use essential oils, diy lip balms and much more.  They have various products but specialize in making them functional and beautiful!  

I was thrilled to learn more and start using more of their products when they sent me this set of personal inhalers.  I just started using essential oils a year ago so I am not the most well versed in that area.  Inhaling oil seemed kinda strange to me at first until I found out it can be one of the most effective ways to use them.  

The aluminum inhalers are great to take a long in your purse especially when you get a headache for instance.  I put peppermint on mine and use it for such a case!  They are very easy to fill.  Simply disassemble, put a few drops on your cotton wick and close back up.  You can refill them with the same oil or buy new wicks to change out for the oil of your choice.  

More information on how to use the personal inhaler can be found on the Rivertree Life website here

Another reason to support Rivertree Life is that they are a christian based company.  I will gladly shop with them anytime!  You can read more about the company and how they got started here.  

Overall, I am glad to keep my inhaler in my purse for on the go.  It is not only very pretty but does the job I need it to do!

You can connect with Rivertree Life on their website and Facebook.

What are your favorite oils to use in the diffuser or inhaler?  I would love to know!


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